Role of Taoyuan Police Department

Welcome to Taoyuan. Taoyuan Police Department(TYPD) provided every single resident and tourist one very safety environment. On to the principle of being courteous and serviceable to citizens, we show our aggressiveness and take responsibility actively for meeting the needs and the expectation of people.

The 110 hot line of Duty Command Center with a 24-hours-a-day operation

This center is a unit that is in charge of operation, direction, communication, and control over police field work. We are ready to answer your call whenever and wherever you need and dispatch on-duty officers to the place of incident immediately. In the case of an emergency, please dial "110". We will solve your problem(s) right away.


24-hour hot line: 0911867110(Assist to service Alien Resident)

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Local police station

Lost properties

In response to your request for assistance in finding lost properties, we handle your case immediately and then advise you how we have done it.

Traffic accident

While receiving case reports on traffic accidents, we will dispatch on-patrol or stand-by officers immediately to the place of occurrence and handle such cases.

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